Request for Proposals: ShalomSpot

April 13th, 2021


Shalom Corps Ltd. is a community interest company established by Mosaic United, supported by the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, the Jewish Agency for Israel and Jewish philanthropists from all over the world (hereinafter: "Shalom Corps" or “the company”). Shalom Corps sees volunteer work as an opportunity to engage in Jewish and existential reflection while undergoing a process of personal development and offering social and humanitarian help to vulnerable populations throughout the world.

Shalom Corps is a global network for humanitarian volunteerism, established with the aim of enabling young Jewish men and women from Israel and around the world to participate in responsible and valuable international humanitarian service.



This is a call for suitable Jewish volunteering organizations to receive a user license for Graduway Alumni Network, a web-based platform (hereinafter: “the software.”) for managing communities as well as current and past volunteers.


Graduway is an On-line networking platform which includes branding, setup, domain name purchase and management, standard flat file data download, implementation, license, maintenance and hosting. The platform is presented as currently available and includes functionality such as single-sign on, social media plug-ins, jobs board, news feed and enhanced constituent search functionality. The platform is mobile responsive and multi-lingual. Clients shall also receive training, on-boarding and technical support and have access to a dedicated account manager.


With this proposal, Shalom Corps wishes to provide free licensing of the software for the purpose of integrating it in organizations with active volunteers, for the period of the license. The organizations chosen by Shalom Corps with be granted permission to use the software, will submit feedback and proposals to improve the software and add features, and based on their experience and suggestions, Shalom Corps with continue developing the software for future use and distribution to more organizations.


  1. Goals
    • By means of this public call Shalom Corps calls for proposals to receive permission to use the software, without cost. (hereinafter: “the project”.)
    • Organizations applying for this project must be duly registered corporations or non-profit organizations with demonstrated experience of activating volunteers, with a significant, large community of volunteers, active and influential in their communities.
    • The organizations selected by the company will receive a license to use the software.
    • The company has the right to update from time to time its demands in this proposal and the dates mentioned, according to its sole discretion.
    • According to the result of the integration efforts of the selected organizations, the company shall integrate the software in further organizations throughout the world.
  2. Terms and criteria for qualifying organizations
    • Any duly registered corporation or non-profit organization wishing to submit an application will fill the application form Appendix A of this call (hereinafter: “the request form”), have it signed by its authorized signatories, enclose the required documents and submit it to no later than 13 May 2021 (“the last due date for submission”)
    • The company will review all forms submitted as well as the eligibility of the applicants according to the following terms and conditions and will convey to all applicants the company’s decision to accept or reject the applicant’s request to be included in the list of organizations to receive permission to use the license without any cost.
    • The organization will be solely responsible for any damage, to property or persons or information (by leaking, losing or deleting), or any other damage to volunteers and/or its representative and/or any third party as a result of using the software or as a direct or indirect carrying out of this call for proposals.
    • The applicant will be responsible for any damage, loss or cost to the any of the volunteers as a result of a data security issue (leaking, security breach, destruction or loss of data, etc.) and/or privacy violation and/or damage to commercial or business information of the organization and/or its representatives.
  3. Filling the application form

All applicants will detail the following information in the application form:

  • Name of corporation or non-profit organization.
  • Corporation ID number (Registered Association, CIC or ID number)
  • Year of incorporation.
  • Contact details: address, telephone number and e-mail.
  • Number of volunteers currently active through the organization.
  • Number of past volunteers through the organization.
  • Names of the organization’s representatives who will be responsible for using and integrating the software, and will be in contact with Shalom Corps.

Shalom Corps with review the application form and decide whether to accept to reject it according to its sole discretion.


  1. Eligibility criteria

Applicants that comply with all following requirements, may submit an application form requesting to join the organizations receiving a license to use the software:

  • The applicant is duly registered, either in Israel or abroad. In order to prove eligibility the applicant must enclose a document attesting incorporation and an updated summary.
  • The applicant must have at least one year of proven experience in utilizing an active, significant community of volunteers.
  • The applicant must have a community of volunteers that consists of at least 300 (three hundred) active volunteers.
  • The applicant will choose two representatives on its behalf that will receive professional guidance (free) as to integrating the software in the organization and its use, and will be responsible for heading the project, using and integrating the software and will be committed and available for the project at all times.
  • The applicant is obligated to participate in software study sessions for further development and improvement of the software.
  • The company shall give preference to organizations using and managing groups of volunteers from the Jewish diaspora.
  • The company shall give preference to applicants activating diverse volunteer programs worldwide.
  1. Process and timetables after accepting an applicant

5.1 After accepting an applicant’s proposal, the company shall hold professional online guidance sessions with the software’s personnel, with the aim of teaching how to integrate and use the software.

5.2After participating in the guidance sessions the company shall allow free use of the software.

5.3Shalom Corps will hold guidance sessions for manager/integrator of the approved applicant from time to time, throughout the period of licensing.

5.4 Shalom Corps will hold guidance sessions dealing with managing communities for officials chosen by the approved applicants.

5.5Approved applicants will participate in a meeting every three months with the software creators, with the aim of developing and updating the software as well as adding required features to improve the software.


  1. Intellectual property:
    • The applicant undertakes to ensure that all the documents, data and programs submitted as part of this proposal shall be original and that no violation of the intellectual property rights of any third party whatsoever shall occur.
    • The applicants are aware that all intellectual property including copyrights of the software and its developments belong to Headhunter Systems Limited (t/a Graduway) a company incorporated in England and Wales with company no. 07059614, and will do their best to refrain from any violation of Headhunter Systems Limited’s rights.
    • The applicants waive any intellectual property including copyrights of any of the features or future developments they will suggest integrating into the software, and any data they collect and/or keep and/or find on the software.
    • The applicants waive any claim of secrecy, in any program, data, information detail or document that is saved and/or collected and/or transferred by them as part of the software and they approve that the company use any of these for any purpose it so wishes. Applicants that are approved by the company, pledge that any person whose details are collected and/or used and/or saved in software will sign a waiver of confidentiality and allow details to be transferred to the company, according to the above mentioned conditions.


  1. Responsibility
    • Shalom Corps will not be responsible for any loss and/or destruction and/or leaking of information (hereinafter: “security breach event”), nor for any damage, loss or cost etc., caused to the applicant as a result of using the software and/or integrating the software and/or managing the software.
    • The applicant declares that it will have no claim and/or demand and/or lawsuit against Shalom Corps, as a result of loss, cost and/or damage to the applicant and/or its representatives, including its volunteers, as a result of integration of the software or use of the software and it exempts Shalom Corps and/or its representatives from responsibility to any loss, cost and/or damage to the applicant, its property, volunteers and/or its representative as a result of a security breach event or due to integration of the software and/or use of it and/or cessation of use of the software.
    • The applicant pledges to take any safety and security steps needed by law to prevent a security breach event and damage to the property or body of any person by the wok carried out according to this contract and/or the materials or equipment used in this work or as a result of this work.
  2. Technological infrastructure for use of the software

For the purpose of using and integrating the software the applicant must have ongoing access to reliable equipment such as computer hardware, operating software and internet connectivity.


  1. General instructions
    • An applicant who is approved by the company will be included in Shalom Corps’ list of Jewish volunteer organizations.
    • In all questions and queries as to this call, applicants can contact, in writing only, Maya Gershon, Program Director, Shalom Corps, no later than May 13th, at



Shalom Corps