Request for Proposals: Heritage Global Impact Initiative

Many young Jews feel increasingly disconnected from Jewish life, the State of Israel, or the broader Jewish people. Millennials have shown more interest than previous generations in living lives defined by meaning-seeking connections, giving to others, and orienting themselves around a larger purpose. Shalom Corps’ mission is to empower a global Jewish volunteer network involved in meaningful and significant volunteerism that engages participants in Jewish service-learning experiences. We believe that authentic, needs-driven service can have a transformative impact on vulnerable populations around the world, and on young Jews looking to make a difference.

Shalom Corps Ltd. is a non-profit organization established by Mosaic United (a collaborative program of the Government of Israel and the Ministry of the Diaspora) and the Jewish Agency for Israel.

Shalom Corps is requesting proposals for its Heritage Global Impact Initiative.
The initiative aims to connect young Jews to their heritage, to themselves and to one another, while strengthening their Jewish identity through meaningful and responsible volunteering by joint activity in the area of historic heritage sites of Jewish communities around the world.

This program will bring together young Jews, empowering them as volunteers to make a meaningful impact on heritage sites and in Jewish communities around the world.
Working hand-in-hand, they will preserve sites of importance to Jewish civilization, restoring them with the dignity they deserve. In doing so, they will experience and build a connection to their own heritage, their contemporary identity, their collective story, and to one another.

To connect young Jews from Israel and the Diaspora to their heritage and to one another through immersive volunteer experiences restoring heritage sites throughout the world, experiencing the culture, and meeting young local population.

Preserving our Heritage:

This initiative will bring together young Israeli and Diaspora Jews, empowering them as volunteers to make a meaningful impact on heritage sites and in Jewish communities around the world.

Working together, they will preserve sites of importance to Jewish culture, restoring them with the dignity they deserve. In doing so, they will experience and build a connection to their own heritage, their contemporary identity, their collective story, and to one another.

Bringing Pride to Small Communities:

The initiative will make a concrete contribution to communities all over the world today. Many of the sites will be in small, aging communities. The encounter with these communities will be powerful for both the volunteers and the residents.

Preserving these sites and monuments will send an important message to the communities that they are essential, will not be forgotten, and that we take responsibility for one another.

  1. Scope of the Initiative

The Local Heritage Impact Initiative will mobilize Jewish volunteers working on local Heritage projects in communities around the world.

Shalom Corps will select the most suitable implementing organizations. The implementing organizations that will be chosen by Shalom Corps will mobilize a minimum of 20 (maximum 30) volunteers per mission, ages 18-40 for a mission of minimum of 7 consecutive days (and up to 10 days).

The implementing organizations will recruit and coordinate the volunteers and work closely with relevant local partners to ensure real needs are being met and best practices are being maintained. In addition, volunteers will be exposed to Jewish service-learning experiences as part of an ongoing package of training and knowledge sharing (at least 8 hours of Jewish service learning). Jewish service-learning training and content will be shared and created together with Shalom Corps and the implementing organizations.

Shalom Corps will be running marketing campaigns throughout the initiative to promote all project proposals and volunteer organizations. By submitting proposals, applicants agree that organizations will actively participate in the campaigns and provide any useful materials for project publications, including without limitation: photographs, videos, brochures, newsletters, etc. created during the life cycle of the Project.

2. Requirements for eligible implementing organizations:

      • The applicant is a duly registered organization in its country of origin
      • The applicant must have at least two years of demonstrated experience in (a) volunteer or community development activities, and/or (b) activities in the field of Jewish education or Israel engagement.
      • Preference for applicants with proven and extensive volunteer infrastructure and access to recruits, particularly in the cities where the projects will be implemented.
      • Preference for applicants with partner relationships that can collaborate on project implementation.
      • Connection to the local community where they want to operate (Please provide proof of connection to the local community in the past three years)
      • Will run a mission force for a minimum of 7 consecutive days (up to 10 days)
      • Proven experience in the field of heritage volunteering.
      • Intention to include Jewish Service Learning as an integral part of the program.
      • The details, format and content of the program need to be shared with Shalom Corps to ensure that they meet our standards. (at least 8 hours during the duration of the trip). Jewish Service-learning content will also be shared by Shalom Corps to the organizations and organizations who wish to build a specific educational program with Shalom Corps are welcome to.
      • Present an understanding of expected costs for implementation. (Please provide a detailed workplan and budget)
      • Ability to provide the needed logistical equipment for the project locally.
  1. Responsibilities for eligible implementing organizations:
    • Volunteer recruitment
    • Logistics (for example, transportation to and from the volunteering, accommodation, food, etc.)
    • Appropriate insurance coverage (Personal Injury Insurance, Medical Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Property Insurance, etc.) and security arrangements for workers and volunteers (all as approved by Shalom Corps) and included in the definitive agreement)
    • With respect to Covid 19 virus (hereinafter "Corona") vaccination requirements, or Corona recovery certificate requirements, and in order to ensure the safety and health of volunteers and staff during in person meetings , missions and any other gathering activities connected with the carrying out of the Project, and to avoid unnecessary risks, the implementing organization, undertake to abide by the applicable laws of the country of activity, including any relevant guidelines published by the Health Authorities of your country connected to Corona
    • Prior to the project a self- meeting with volunteers to discuss the activity and learning about the local community where they will volunteer (25 hours of volunteering during the duration the term of mission).
    • A minimum of 3 hours activity about Shabbat- Shabbat will not be a regular day of volunteer activity. Rather, Shabbat will be observed in a manner suitable for all volunteers and in line with the organization's ideology (Up to 6 of the 8 hours of learning mentioned may take place on Shabbat).
    • Activity with a connection to the local community (minimum scope: 4 hours).
    • Implementing organizations will receive a package of support as follows:
      • Jewish service-learning trainings and tools, focused on sharing best practices and building skills and capacities for educating staff, volunteer coordinators and volunteers.

        4. Funding and Budget:
    • Approved implementing organizations will be entitled to receive support for each actual mission that complies with Shalom Corps' standards as follows:
    • Funding per day per volunteer over the period of the project, for a minimum of 20 volunteers and a minimum term of mission of 7 consecutive days, and no more than 10 days.
    • Funding will vary in accordance with the type of project as follows:
  • Cross Border Projects - $90 per day per volunteer
  • Projects within the country - $60 per day per volunteer

See Annex C to this proposal for detailed explanation of the funding.

    • The above-mentioned funding will be used to cover some of the costs directly associated with volunteer equipment needed for the activities on location, public transportation, accommodation, staff, administration, marketing, recruitment, and coordination of the initiative, other directly related expenses, insurances, safety and security measures and volunteer training.
    • Participating in a marketing campaign funded and implemented by Shalom Corps.
    • Jewish service-learning trainings and tools, focused on sharing best practices and building skills and capacities for educating staff, volunteer coordinators and volunteers 

      5. Reporting:
  • Each operating organization is obligated to submit reports as a condition to receiving funding as detailed below:
  • A brief report prior to launching the program. (Please see annex A)
  • A program conclusion report (Please see annex B) within 30 days of concluding the program.
  • Report on volunteers that participated in the program (full name, email, ID)
  • Reports need to be sent and finalized a week after the end of each quarter (Shalom Corps will share the schedule)

    6. How to Apply
    • Proposals should be submitted using the online form on Shalom Corps’ website ( )
    • Proposals for implementing organizations will be submitted online, by December 10th, 2021
7. General Guidelines and Reporting:
    • This Request for Proposals does not constitute a tender. Accordingly the relevant tender laws shall not apply to it.
    • Shalom Corps may decide to accept one or more proposals and may decide not to accept any proposal and cancel this request.
    • Any proposals submitted will not bind Shalom Corps as long as no legal contract was signed between the parties.
    • An organization whose proposal will be accepted as an implementor will be required to sign a definitive legal contract with Shalom Corps.
    • Submission of an application shall not obligate the Company to enter a commitment or sign an agreement with the applicant. By submitting a proposal, the applicant declares that they are aware that Shalom Corps reserves the right to not implement the Heritage Community Impact Initiative and/or to reply to only some of the applicants and/or others – at the discretion of Shalom Corps.
    • Applications may be submitted for a joint proposal by several parties, corporations, or organizations if all of the eligibility requirements detailed above are met by at least one of the parties and that the applicant parties shall submit, in addition to the application, a signed contract between them regulating the operation of the program by them in the aforementioned collaboration.
    • The applicant undertakes to ensure that all the documents, data and programs submitted as part of this proposal shall be original and that no violation of the intellectual property rights of any third party whatsoever shall occur.
    • Shalom Corps reserves the right to update the requirements set forth in this proposal as needed, subject solely to the issuer's discretion.
    • In the event of any dispute, claim, question, or disagreement arising from or relating to this RFP or the breach thereof, the Parties hereto shall use their best efforts to settle the dispute, claim, question, or disagreement. If Parties do not reach such solution within a period of 30 days then, upon notice by either Party to the other, all disputes, claims, questions, or differences shall be finally settled by binding arbitration administered by the Israeli Arbitration Association in accordance with the provisions of Israeli law.

    8. Visibility and Representation
  • Unless Shalom Corps agrees or requests otherwise, the applicant whose proposal will be accepted, will take all necessary steps to publicize the fact that Shalom Corps has co-financed the implementing of the volunteering project in any manner Shalom Corps will instruct, including, without limitation, on its website.
  • Except as otherwise approved in writing by Shalom Corps, the Implementing organization shall not make any statements on behalf of Shalom Corps, or purport or imply that it has any authority to speak on behalf of, or bind, Shalom Corps.

    9. No Liability
  • The Implementing organization with which Shalom Corps shall engage, will be solely liable for payment of all the expenses of the volunteers and/or workers, in the mission as well as all costs as specified in the budget plan.
  • Under no circumstances shall Shalom Corps, have any liability for any claims, losses, damages, attorneys’ /fees, or otherwise (collectively, "Losses") to applicant, its directors, volunteers, employees, members, or agents, or to any third party, with respect to the implementing of the project, including without limitation as a result of any Losses relating to the volunteering activities. Implementing organization will be solely and fully liable therefor for any Losses.
  • The Implementing organization shall be liable for any damage, loss or expense caused to Shalom Corps in connection with and/or due to performance of the project according to this RFP and shall insure itself under the appropriate insurance policies to cover its liability.

    For more information: 

    Organizations in North America please contact Jessica Horst:

    For the rest of the world, please contact Sharona Shir:

    Annex C: Funding of Detailed Costs

    The Costs included in the final report of the mission should include the entirety of the expenses for every volunteer as required in accordance with the program.

    Following approval of the report by Shalom Corps funding will be provided in respect of costs as follows:

    1. Cross border projects - $90 per volunteer per day.
    2. Projects within the country - $60 per volunteer per day.


    Shalom Corps funding will be of one third of volunteer costs as detailed above, i.e. $30 per volunteer per day for cross border projects and $20 per day for projects within the country.

    Should total detailed costs per volunteer be less than $90 per day (or $60 per day, as relevant) then Shalom Corps funding will be of 1/3 of the cost.

    Should total detailed costs per volunteer exceed $90 per day (or $60 per day as relevant) then Shalom Corps funding will be limited to one third of $90 per volunteer per day (or $60 per day as relevant).

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