Request for Proposals: Implementation of Volunteer Projects in the Field

April 13th, 2021

Shalom Corps Ltd. is a community interest company established by Mosaic United, supported by the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs, the Jewish Agency for Israel and Jewish philanthropists from all over the world (hereinafter: "Shalom Corps" or “the company”). Shalom Corps sees volunteer work as an opportunity to engage in Jewish and existential reflection while undergoing a process of personal development and offering social and humanitarian help to vulnerable populations throughout the world.

Shalom Corps is a global network for humanitarian volunteerism, established with the aim of enabling young Jewish men and women from Israel and around the world to participate in responsible and valuable international humanitarian service.


Applicants will be requested to take into consideration the wide range of significant volunteer programs.



This is a call for cooperation between Jewish volunteer organizations that are part of Shalom Corps global network, and organizations who can provide them with meaningful volunteer work, along with all the logistical arrangements required to facilitate this work.

With this request for proposals Shalom Corps wishes to receive proposals from significant volunteer activity providers, whether for emergency situations or for routine work, in a manner that leads to continuous organized volunteer work based on a permanent force of volunteers, as well as offering guidance, knowledge and meaningful experiences for the volunteers.


Volunteer service providers that are found suitable and in accordance with these targets will be listed as approved field service providers for programs consisting of motivated volunteers, setting new high standards for humanitarian service and striving to contribute to the world of ethical volunteering.


  • Goals
    • Shalom Corps CIC Ltd. (hereinafter: “the Company”) publicly calls for submission of proposals to provide "volunteer service fields" meaning, the arrangement of meaningful, ethical volunteer work as well as accommodation, food and various other needs that will be detailed further.
    • The Company wishes to receive proposals from service field providers to accommodate volunteers in significant fields for volunteer work and allow these fields to be accessible to Jewish volunteers from Israel and around the world by means of finding project operators who meet the eligibility requirements and further criteria, detailed below.
    • The target audience due to be part of the resource pool mentioned in this request for proposals: organizations (non-profit and companies) working toward one or more of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, and operate (solely or with another body) lodging facilities (co-ed), food, transport and security for volunteers.
    • The period for volunteering in the program will be no less than 7 days and no more than 90 days.
    • The Company may at any point change the terms of this request for proposals and the timetables according to its sole discretion.
    • Providers that meet the conditions of this request for proposals, who are then approved by the Company will be listed in the Company’s list of approved service field providers and the company undertakes to advertise this list among volunteer organizations so that they shall be able to choose to use the provider’s services.


  • Conditions and submission of application forms
    • Any duly registered corporation or non-profit organization wishing to submit an application will fill the application form Appendix A of this call (hereinafter: “the request form”), have it signed by its authorized signatories, enclose the required documents and submit it to, no later than 13 May 2021 (the last due date for submission”).
    • The company will review all forms submitted as well as the eligibility of the applicants according to the following terms and conditions and will convey to all applicants the company’s decision to accept or reject the applicant’s request.
    • Applicants eligible according to the criteria mentioned above, shall be added to the list of applicants. Adding an applicant to the list does not obligate the Company to enter into a commitment or sign an agreement with the applicant. By submitting a proposal the applicant declares that they are aware that the Company reserves the right to not implement the Project and/or to reply to only some of the applicants and/or others – at the sole discretion of the Company.


  • Filling the application form

All applicants will detail the following information in the application form:

  • Name of corporation or non-profit organization.
  • Corporation ID number (Registered Association, CIC or ID number) – if several organizations submit a proposal tighter, they should determine the identity of the leading organization and register its details.
  • Year of incorporation.
  • Contact details: address, telephone number and e-mail.
  • Lodging facilities operated by the applicant, location, size, number of rooms, size of bedrooms.
  • Details of significant field facilities operated by the applicant.
  • Number of volunteers needed for the project.
  • Estimated period of volunteering for each volunteer.
  • Comprehensive budget for implementing the project (including lodging costs, feeding, travelling, insurance and security, the volunteering activity itself, local guides – as well as the daily cost).

Shalom Corps will review the application form and decide whether to accept to reject it according to its sole discretion.


  • Eligibility criteria

Applicants (or a group of organizations working under the applicant) that fulfill all following requirements, may submit an application form requesting inclusion in the list of approved providers, if the significant field for volunteerism fulfills the eligibility requirements detailed below in article 5.

  • The applicant is registered in Israel or abroad. In order to prove eligibility, the applicant must enclose a document attesting incorporation and legal registration and licensing for the services provided.
  • The applicant must have at least two years of proven experience operating a field of significant volunteer work.
  • The Company shall give preference to applicants with significant, proven infrastructure for volunteers. In order to prove fulfillment of this condition the applicant will supply one of the following: a list of active volunteers, agreements with local organizations, details of former programs including essence and scope, and recommendations by professional/auditing bodies with whom the applicant has worked for at least two years before submitting this application.
  • It must be clarified that several corporations or organizations, may submit a joint application, for the purpose of purchasing completing services for the volunteers (such as lodging and food to be supplied by a third party) as long as a signed agreement between the parties is also submitting, detailing the cooperation between the parties.
  • Prerequisites
    • The volunteer work proposed by the applicant deals with one or more of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.
    • The work is conducted in an ethical, moral manner.
    • The work must be beneficial to the local inhabitants and their needs. Therefore, the applicant must submit a comprehensive program presenting the project, its influence on the local environments and its inhabitants, as well as parameters for the effect of the project on the personal, economic, social and cultural levels.
    • Within the project, every volunteer will be allocated a specific role which is meaningful and engaging.
    • The Project is intended for groups of at least 20 volunteers.
    • The number of weekly hours of voluntary work will be no less than 25 hours per week.
    • The planned activity in the field will be defined and limited as detailed: Short volunteering: 7-21 days, Medium ranged volunteering: 21 days – 3 months.
  • Applicant’s infrastructure

Each application will detail the existing infrastructure and facilities that are used during the project.

6.1 The infrastructure must be of a high standard of cleanliness and sanitation, as well as being licensed by the local authorities.

6.2 All fields should be able to hold at least 20 volunteers who can be active within a 10km radius from the shared accommodation.

6.3 The facilities must include a living quarters with bedrooms for up to 2 people per room (minimum 14 square meters per room).

6.4 The field must be capable of supplying meals every day.

6.5 The field will include at least one space of congregating, for shared social and educational activities, at least 25 square meters.

6.6 The applicant will allow access to the Israeli embassy security officer and their team, whenever requested in order to conduct security checks of all areas used by volunteers.

6.7 The applicant will enclose documents attesting to the necessary insurance by a registered insurance company, for the property and safety of the volunteers, according to risks of connected to the activity and the conditions in the field, with the costs and responsibility covered by the applicant.

6.8 The applicant will indicate their ability to offer kosher food (the applicant affirms that they understand the intricacies and stringencies involved in this issue) or vegetarian food when requested.


  1. Schedules and timetables after a proposal is accepted
    • After an applicant’s proposal is accepted, and before the signing of binding contract between the sides, the Company may demand, as condition to referring volunteers to the field, that volunteers will undergo a process of study and authorization by the Company that will also include content that the applicant will transfer to the volunteers.
    • The Company will sign a contract with the applicants chosen to be part of the resource pool. The contract will be valid and bind the Company only after the agreement is signed by the authorized signatories.
    • Submission of an application shall not obligate the Company to enter into a commitment or sign an agreement with the chosen applicants. The Company reserves the right to not sign the agreement, for any reason without the need to explain or justify its action.
    • It is clarified that choosing one body or another does not obligate the Company to sign an agreement with that body and/or only with that body, and this request for proposals cannot prevent the Company from entering an agreement with any other body or organization, according to its sole discretion, for receiving these services and/or part of them.



  1. Intellectual property:
    • The applicant undertakes to ensure that all the documents, data and programs submitted as part of this proposal shall be original and that no violation of the intellectual property rights of any third party whatsoever shall occur.
    • The applicants waive any intellectual property rights they have, if any, and any claim of secrecy pertaining to any program, information, data or document they submit and allow the Company to use them in any way it deems necessary, whether the proposal of the applicant is accepted or not.


  1. General Instructions
    • An applicant whose proposal was accepted will be obliged to sign an agreement to implement the program.
    • In all questions and queries as to this call, applicants can contact, in writing only, Maya Gershon, Program Director, Shalom Corps, no later than July 1st, 2021.



Shalom Corps